Panda Fund and Donation
With the couple of giant pandas offered by the central government settling down here in Macao, public awareness of conservation is also raised. The Panda Fund, set up by the Macao SAR government on December 28, 2010, aims to promote the conservation of giant pandas by providing a platform that not only allows the public to show their support for giant panda conservation efforts by making donations, but also provides motivation for the further promotion and penetration of conservation policies. All the contributions will be credited to the Panda Fund to provide grants for education, research and projects in connection with the conservation of giant pandas.
Collection of Conservation Funds:
Fund Collection Boxes are available in the Seac Pai Van Park, Coloane and the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion. The collected contributions will be credited to the Panda Fund.
Last Update : 03/10/2018
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