Notice to Visitors
Notice  to Visitors

​• Visitors must follow the instructions of the on-duty staff of the pavilion.
• Do not bring any glassware or hazardous objects into the pavilion.
• Do not feed animals.
• Do not smoke in the pavilion.
• Do not eat in the pavilion.
• Do not use flash when taking pictures.
• Do not bang on the glass.
• Do not shout or chase one another for fun in the pavilion.
• Do not throw anything into the animal exhibit areas.
• Do not climb over railings into any animal exhibit areas.
• Do not access the logistical areas.
• In the case of emergency, please follow the instruction of the on-duty staff to evacuate the pavilion.

• Please bring adequate clothing as the temperatures in the pavilion are kept lower than normal.
• Photos and videos taken in and of the pavilion are not allowed to be used in any way for commercial purposes.
• Please understand that inclement weather, safety needs, health status and other contingencies may cause animals to stay in or return to their dens.

Last Update : 19/10/2020
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